07, 30, 2017

A Quick Getaway + Emily and Fin

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With summer coming to a close we’ve been in the mood for a quick getaway. So naturally, we’ve packed the essentials: some light reading, a bit of entertainment (hello ukulele), our favorite frocks and a few snacks. Now all that’s left is our destination. Have any ideas? We made a quick stop in the desert, but in truth, some sea air would really do the trick. Better find a map…Read more »

06, 30, 2017

Life-Changing Sunday Waffles #feetswitheats

Heels C/O Miz Mooz

Food plays a pretty significant role in our family get-togethers. And by food, we mean WAFFLES.

Topped with everything from berries to coconut syrup, we don’t joke around when it comes to the art of waffle crafting.

P. S. You’ll never guess… but because we love you all, we ventured into the depths of our aunt’s coveted cookbook cupboard and unearthed the all-powerful family waffle recipe!!!! *dramatic music* For the full run down, follow along below:

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06, 18, 2017

Lemon Berry Summer Tarts + Video

Heels C/O Miz Mooz
Aaaaahhhh!!! You guys. These tarts. 
What’s all the fuss about you might ask? Let us count the ways:
1. They’re sweet but not too sweet.
2. the tang of the fresh berries complements the mascarpone cheese like none other.
3. The crust adds just enough crunch. 
Granted, we are probably biased… but hey! All the more reason to give ’em a try this weekend.
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06, 15, 2017

Full Circle + We’re in Print


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Kenna here!

Whad’ya know, we’re in print! And the cool thing is, Stampington is the very publisher that our mom was featured in during the early 2000’s (saying “the early 2000’s” with an air of ancient history weirds me out! It doesn’t seem like that long ago). Our mama was quite the mover and shaker during the height of the bookbinding/paper arts craze and man, she crafted some pretty rad articles. I’ll have to go through her magazine shelf because I think there may be an article or two with Lulu and I as wee ones.

Anyhoo, it’s always fun when life comes full circle!Read more »

06, 10, 2017

It’s a Giant Toaster Pastry! + Video


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04, 12, 2017

Pop O’ Orange

Hey guys, its Lulu! Kenna usually heads the wonderful “writing of the blog posts”, but today you get me instead!!!  It feels good to get behind the keyboard again!
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