12, 16, 2016

Pockets + Emily and Fin (and a video!)

Finding that a dress has pockets can definitely compare to finding the golden ticket in a Willy Wonka chocolate bar.

Think of the possibilities!!! You could store chocolates in them (wrapped chocolates), keep red lipstick handy, or hide a fancy love note!

When the lovely ladies at Emily and Fin reached out to us, we were ecstatic! We have been fans of the brand for the last four years and were over the moon about trying two dresses from their latest collection. The quality is AMAZING!!! The fabric must be unicorn made. Yep, definitely made by the delicate hooves of a sparkly mythical creature. 


A video posted by Kenna & Lulu (@kennaandlulu) on


Ta ta for now!

– Kenna & Lulu –

Kenna Details

Dress C/O Emily and Fin

Old Belt

Similar Heels:  1 / 2 / 3

Purse in Yellow

Lipstick: Gazpacho by Bite

Lulu Details

Dress C/O Emily and Fin

Vintage Camera Bag

Vintage Purls

Heels in Black

Lipstick: Gazpacho by Bite

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