01, 02, 2017

4 Things That We’ve Learned About Anxiety


Happy New Year lovelies!!! We snapped these photos a bit ago, and then I completely forgot about them! *Sigh* I’ve been a bit frazzled lately.

One of my goals for 2017 it to better manage my anxiety. I figured that writing a blog post about the matter would help, but the truth is… I have anxiety about talking about anxiety. AAAAAAGGGHHHH It’s just one of those topics I guess.

Well, let’s give it a go…

4 Things That Lulu and I Have Learned About Anxiety

1. Being Sensitive is not a Fault

It can be really frustrating to hear: “Why do you have to be so sensitive??” Being sensitive to emotion, whether they be your emotions or the emotions of others, is a strength. The world needs more people like you!

Before seeing the TED talk titled The Gentle Power of Highly Sensitive People by Elena Herdieckerhoff, I had always seen my sensitivity as something that I needed to “get over”.

But after hearing her thoughts, I’m not so worried about it. Elena Herdieckerhoff does a fantastic job of emphasizing the fact that sensitivity is, in fact, a strength.




2. Anxiety is Difficult to Spot

Usually, there is no way of knowing that someone struggles with anxiety just by looking at them. It is VERY easy to think that you don’t know a single soul who struggles with anxiety like you do, but the thing is, people have a knack for looking perfectly fine in spite of their struggles with anxiety. The point is, you are not alone!




3. Self-Care Self-Care Self-Care

From a detox bath to doing a craft, self-care can mean loads of things! In short, self-care means taking the time to slow down, reconnect, and recharge. On Sundays, I’m usually partial to a good old detox bath (especially one that’s chock-full of ginger and lemongrass oil). At least for me, self-care needs to be planned. When I do it on a whim, it tends to not be as helpful. Picture a balloon. Anxiety occurs when life happens, and your balloon is filed to the point that it’s in danger of popping. Self-care is you letting air out of your anxiety balloon. 




4. Find the Right Person to Talk to
Talking about my anxiety has brought me a ton of peace. Whether I’m talking to my mom, a therapist, praying, or even to myself as I drive (people probably think I’m crazy. Ha!) talking to the right people has been really helpful for me. 
Irrational as they often are, my worries only grow bigger the longer they sit.
Hey! This blog post has been pretty dandy too!









Do you struggle with anxiety? What are some of you favorite ways to do self-care?
Let us know in the comments below!
– Kenna & Lulu –



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  1. Victoria says:

    Love these photos so much! 🙂

    I definitely suffer with (social) anxiety and it is the worst worst worst thing ever. It’s like sinking into a dark hole and not having an escape. Still working on finding the right person to talk to but for now, self-care definitely makes all the difference. Thanks for writing this post.

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