01, 12, 2017

Sisters are Pretty Rad

With the next semester of school starting soon, it’s been nice to take a step back and spend some time just being sisters again. The little things like dancing in the car to the “good time oldies” station on the radio or doing a photo shoot in the middle of nowhere have meant the world to me (especially because this last semester was a bit of a doozie). 

Recently, I’ve really noticed that these relationships, with our friends and (especially) our family, are priceless. Besides, we’re on this green planet to have joy!
So why not do so with the people who keep things interesting? *cue friends and family* 
Oh, and to tell ya the truth, sisters are pretty rad. 


I am digging this skirt! It’s vintage and delightfully homemade. Note I said homemade, not handmade.  

Ha! It makes me laugh! The bottom edge is only half-way hemmed, and there are few tid-bits inside that make me so proud of the brave soul who made it.

To whoever made this skirt, you are AMAZING!!

Hope you have a fantastic day! You’ve got this *fist bump*.

– Kenna & Lulu –


Denim Top

Vintage Skirt

Similar Sunglasses

Clogs C/O Lotta From Stockholm

Lipstick by Bite in Mochi – Multistick


Dress C/O Peppaloves (old)

Old Shark Bag

Old Belt

Similar Heels

3 responses to “Sisters are Pretty Rad”

  1. Amy says:

    Oh you two! The cuteness and overall sweetness of you both is comparable to a strawberry milkshake with a dollop of whipcream on top.

    Always love what you say & the colors you both wear!


  2. Samantha Lee says:

    Kenna, I am obsessed with that vintage skirt. So so so cute. <3
    Also, wishing my sister lived closer!

    • kennaandlulu says:

      You are so kind!! Thank you! *sigh* yeah, I’m with ya! Thank goodness for texting!

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