06, 15, 2017

Full Circle + We’re in Print


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Kenna here!

Whad’ya know, we’re in print! And the cool thing is, Stampington is the very publisher that our mom was featured in during the early 2000’s (saying “the early 2000’s” with an air of ancient history weirds me out! It doesn’t seem like that long ago). Our mama was quite the mover and shaker during the height of the bookbinding/paper arts craze and man, she crafted some pretty rad articles. I’ll have to go through her magazine shelf because I think there may be an article or two with Lulu and I as wee ones.

Anyhoo, it’s always fun when life comes full circle!

On another note, have you ever wondered “how in tarnation does one get into a magazine??” and the answer is… well it’s complicated. The lovely staff at Stampington reached out to us through an email, but I imagine that there are as many ways to get into a magazine as there are publishers. The point is, keep honing your craft, reaching out, and strengthening the community of creatives around you.

(At least that’s our two cents)

In The article…

Lulu and I chat about why having a spontaneous mindset benefits our creative process, how Kenna & Lulu came to be, and how blogging played a powerful influence in my recovery from back surgery. We had such a blast writing it!

The magazine Artful Blogging is about passionate creatives who share their work through blogging and Instagram.

It is an absolutely beautiful publication and the photography… my word! Everyone’s photos are simply marvelous!

Hope you have a wonderful morning!

XOXO -Kenna

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  1. Lily says:

    Yes! Thats how i found out about you guys!

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