06, 10, 2017

It’s a Giant Toaster Pastry! + Video


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Oh giant toaster pastry, how we love thee. While no toaster will ever comprehend your majesty, we will forever keep you in our hearts as the breakfast pastry to beat them all.

Hey guys! Kenna here. In need of a show-stopping breakfast (or late night) treat? Look no further. As the perfect encore for any crowd, this giant pop tart takes the cake! Or the tart. Whatever, you know what we mean. 

Side note: this is a fantastic project to do with little kiddos! Rolling out the dough, spreading the jam, decorating the top, talk about one heck of a treat to keep the littles busy for a summer afternoon! 


If strawberry isn’t your jam (okay, okay, I’ll stop) then feel free to experiment with other flavors. Just imagine! Peach/Raspberry with a lemon glaze, blueberry/blackberry, or NUTELLA! Man, the possibilities are endless!

Clutch by Studio DIY

Hope you have a lovely weekend!

XOXO -Kenna

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