08, 23, 2017

Creativity Heals


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These past few weeks… wow. Just wow. With the sudden passing of our amazing uncle, the funeral services, and our grandma’s accident, there have been times when all I could think was

“hold up, is this even real?”

While we did put all work on hold for the first two weeks, it was truly a blessing to step away from the stress and make this stop-motion together. I’m amazed at how much comfort I’ve found through the process of making this simple film about a bag company that we adore.

The pain and anxiety weren’t instantly whisked away but by golly, it has sure helped.

I am a firm believer in the fact that creativity heals. 

It was such a treat to collaborate with Brit-Stitch on this project. They are wonderful people with a beautiful line of satchels. 

They are wonderful people and their satchels, they’re absolutely incredible. You can tell that a lot of care is put into each piece. 

XOXO -Kenna 

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