06, 15, 2017

Full Circle + We’re in Print


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Kenna here!

Whad’ya know, we’re in print! And the cool thing is, Stampington is the very publisher that our mom was featured in during the early 2000’s (saying “the early 2000’s” with an air of ancient history weirds me out! It doesn’t seem like that long ago). Our mama was quite the mover and shaker during the height of the bookbinding/paper arts craze and man, she crafted some pretty rad articles. I’ll have to go through her magazine shelf because I think there may be an article or two with Lulu and I as wee ones.

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04, 08, 2017

Let’s Talk Scoliosis

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Kenna here! You ready? Cool. Let’s talk scoliosis. 

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02, 26, 2017

Cut Yourself Some Slack

Still not a doctor. BUT nonetheless, since Lulu and I’s last post about anxiety, I have come across a few new things that are currently helping me when the rumblings of panic come plowing through. 

Let’s talk about one them, shall we?!

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01, 02, 2017

4 Things That We’ve Learned About Anxiety


Happy New Year lovelies!!! We snapped these photos a bit ago, and then I completely forgot about them! *Sigh* I’ve been a bit frazzled lately.

One of my goals for 2017 it to better manage my anxiety. I figured that writing a blog post about the matter would help, but the truth is… I have anxiety about talking about anxiety. AAAAAAGGGHHHH It’s just one of those topics I guess.

Well, let’s give it a go…

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04, 06, 2016

I’m at a Loss

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