03, 03, 2017

Our Top 4 Red Lips

Countless women throughout history have made the classic red lip their trademark, and quite frankly, I don’t blame them! Thanks to Rosie the Riveter, Lucille Ball, Audry Hepburn, and countless others (the list is endless!), this knock-you-socks-off red hue will forever be a sign of confidence

Onto our 4 go-to brands and hues!

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08, 19, 2016

The Arizona Desert


Kenna here! Technically, this is my mom’s dress, so I can’t take credit for finding it (Thanks mom!).

But none the less, look guys! It’s the Arizona desert!

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07, 28, 2016

Hair Tutorial: Pom Pom Goddess

thumbnailpompoms copy

Hey guys! Kenna here! I am pom pom obsessed! (Can you tell?)

Because it’s a 1000 degrees outside, I wear my hair in milkmaid braids practically on the daily.
So why not spice em’ up with some pom poms? Hope you enjoy the tutorial!

Hope everyone is having a good Thursday!

xoxo -Kenna

07, 20, 2016

How to Look Taller + Pom Pom Magic

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02, 19, 2016

Spring Has Arrived! + Makeup How-To

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