12, 16, 2016

Pockets + Emily and Fin (and a video!)

Finding that a dress has pockets can definitely compare to finding the golden ticket in a Willy Wonka chocolate bar.

Think of the possibilities!!! You could store chocolates in them (wrapped chocolates), keep red lipstick handy, or hide a fancy love note!

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11, 08, 2016

Up Up and Away! It’s a Hot Air Balloon!



Kenna here! Going up in a hot air balloon has always been a dream of mine. A flame thrower tied to a wicker basket? Sign me up! But all joking aside, aren’t hot air balloons fascinating?!? The vibrant colors, sense of adventure, and science!!! (Who knew hot air could get you so far!) So naturally, when our fantastic friends were so kind as to offer my family and I a ride, we were beyond thrilled!  
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10, 14, 2016

Travel: Lulu in Luxembourg

Lulu here!
Allow me to introduce to you Luxembourg, a beautiful country between Belgium, France, and Germany. 
The reason behind my venture across the North Atlantic, was to play the viola in The Vianden Music Festival! The music festival took place in Vianden, a beautiful town on the bank of the river Our. With Germany visible just beyond the river, this lovely town surpassed all of my expectations with its medieval castle, cobblestone streets, and AMAZING crêpes.  Seriously, this place is nothing short of magical. 


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10, 12, 2016

Post Production Talk + Swedish Embroidery

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09, 26, 2016

What’s this “Fall” You Speak of?


Lulu here! Everyone on the internet is talking about an odd concept… I believe it is a noun,

and the pronunciation rhymes with y’all. I’ve also seen it referred to by another term, what was it… autumn? 

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09, 09, 2016

Opposites Attract: Mastering the Art of Opposite Color Combinations





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